I came into sprouting some twenty years ago while visiting a friend in Paraiso, California. Up to that point, I had only tasted some alfalfa sprouts and the occasional bean sprouts in sandwiches or Oriental food. I was looking for something easy to make, nutritious, not time consuming and inexpensive. Welcome bean sprouts! These dried beans, can be selected to accommodate most any taste. You just have to experiment with various varieties to come up with a blend you like. I use mostly green lentils, adzuki, garbanzo, soy, mung, black eyed peas, and white beans along with some winter wheat. Each is rich in fiber,  amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals and their nutritional value is increased ten fold when sprouted. Buy your beans in bulk and make sure they are organic.

Get some sprouting jars as shown in the photo, and put four different beans in each of two jars. Measure 1/4 cup of each bean and put into a strainer and wash under cold water in order to clean. Then put the first 4 bean combination into the first jar. Repeat with the next 4 bean combination, wash and put in jar. At this point you should have 2 separate jars filled with 4 different beans each. Put the lid on the jars, and fill with filtered water. Make sure you fill the jar, because as the beans absorb the water, they puff up and take up more space. Now let the beans soak for some 8-14 hours, or overnight. Then simply pour out the water, put the jars sideways and leave them alone for some 12 hours, then fill the jars with  water again, and immediately pour out the water (this is called rinsing). Rinse every 12 hours or so (twice daily) until you feel the sprouts are tender enough to eat. At this point, the beans will begin to show little sprouts. Gage the sprout’s progress and after maybe 2-4 days, they will be ready to eat. Voila.

Put your sprouts into an airtight container for storage in the refrigerator. Use as needed, these sprouts will stay fresh and nutritious for approximately 1 week. You can lightly cook them in a stir fry, put into salads, mix with grains, or just eat them by themselves. If you eat as a salad, mix with Celtic sea salt, herbs, spices, lemon, vinegar and/or olive oil.

If you eat sprouts, you will feel full for quite a while, as the fiber and nutrition is so dense that it moves through the digestive system very slowly, and keeps you satisfied for longer than most other types of foods.


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