Welcome to the world of holistic care and naturopathy.

Holistic health has become a hot topic in today’s culture and given today’s mixed messages about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of a healthy lifestyle, I wish to bring you a combination of ancient medicinal knowledge and scientifically proven data to help sort out  the widespread confusion on this topic.  You will get straight talk and a no-nonsense approach to cipher the “wheat from the chaff”.

healthy-food-basketI wish to enrich your life with healthy habits, new found energy and an awareness of what has been shown to work and not work on the road to optimal health. I welcome the opportunity to facilitate your way to health, earn your trust and deliver the best possible solutions to your unique and personal natural health needs.

I have combined natural health therapies, scientific knowledge from western medicine, along with the ability to see what your body tells me and to assist you with your ailments.

A person’s first session usually lasts some 2 hours. We spend time going over personal health history, blood tests (if any), diet/nutrition, lifestyle, current treatments (if applicable), current pharmaceutical drugs that you are taking and any nutritional products you are taking, then we do our QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) to assess the health and balance of all the body’s organs and systems. Once we have all this information, we draw a road map and timeline to re-balance the body. We then discuss our findings, assess what we need to do to achieve optimal health, and once we agree on a protocol you are on your way to better health.

For me, good health is not only living a long life, but also having the energy and quality of life be at an optimum level. A healthy lifestyle does require some effort, but maintaining that effort leads to a more enjoyable experience of life simply because you feel good and energetic. Having good health and energy allows one to have more vitality in life which can lead to new experiences.