Risk Factors for Heart Health

Physical Factors to Look for

Shortness of breath- diabetes – mild chest pains – lightheadedness – sweating – tingling and pain in arms  – smoking – sedentary lifestyle – stress – obesity – family history – age – men get 10 years before women – high blood pressure – high cholesterol


Medical Risk Factors

  1. Cholesterol HDL vs LDL – careful when combined levels are above 150, use niacin, amalaki, EFA’s , pomegranate juice
  2. Excess glucose < 110 mg/dl fasting glucose levels – use chromium, cinnamon, MG, DHEA, ubiquinol
  3. Excess homocysteine – < 7-8-mcmol/lt – use B’s + HCL
  4. C-reactive protein – < .55 mg/lt for men, and <1.5 mg/lt for women – use Vit C, EFA’s, Vit D3,  ubiquinol
  5. Insufficient Vit  D
  6. Insufficient Vit K
  7. Elevated triglycerides – < 116 mg/dl – use EFA’s, niacin, green tea, cleanse liver/GB
  8. Low EFA blood levels
  9. Low testosterone in men along with excess estrogen
  10. Excess insulin – eat more fiber, chromium, cinnamon, magnesium, DHEA
  11. Nitric oxide deficiency – use arganine, resveratrol, pomegranate
  12. Excess fibrinogen which create blood clots – use EFA’s, Vit C, natto, bromelain, pycnogenols
  13. High BP – use pomegranate, dark chocolate, Vit C, Vit D3, garlic, MG, CoQ, EFA’s, minerals
  14. Oxidized LDL – Ubiquinol, green tea, DHLA, red wine, pomegranate, acai, blueberries

Although heart disease was once thought to be caused solely by diet, lifestyle or genes, strong evidence now links infectious agents to heart disease with some research saying that 80% of HD is linked to infections primarily the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae, cytomegalovirus, h. pylori and herpes. Once nutritional deficiencies have compromised the  body, it is easy for infections to set up housekeeping in  the body. The key to resolving heart concerns are: rebuild the body’s nutrient bank, and clearing the infections.


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