Most people probably think that they are doing something good for themselves by taking a daily multivitamin, but believe it or not, the vitamin pills you’ve been taking are most likely synthetic. The majority of available daily multivitamins and most other vitamins come from synthetic or isolated nutrients. They only mimic the real vitamin forms found in nature. The outer membrane of our cells has a semi-crystalline structure, and like a crystal glass, it has a resonance. Natural wild-crafted herbs that have not been processed are usually cell resonant, meaning that they don’t disturb the cell’s biofield, unlike chemical supplements and medicines which create chaos in the biofield. This chaos is implicated in accelerated aging.

Not all supplements are created equal. Most of the vitamins and minerals sold in healthfood stores all contain the same basic chemical ingredients. These ingredients are all manufactured by 4 major pharmaceutical companies, shipped to China where 80% of the vitamins consumed are manufactured. The essential differences between most brands is the formulation and distribution, not the ingredients.

These “chemical” vitamins lack co-factors, synergists and transporters. This means that when you take them, your body cannot absorb these vitamins without these synergists and the vitamin needs to search the body and bones for these ingredients to make it absorbable. Over time, your body leaches out many essential vitamins and minerals and you can actually feel worse. A synthetic vitamin can stimulate a cell’s metabolism, but it cannot upgrade or replace a cell’s components with superior, better quality elements. It’s time to kick the synthetics out of your life and do your body good with whole nutrient sources of vitamins and minerals. The very best are available at Quantum Wellness.

The solution is to get “whole food” based vitamins and minerals, ones that were once part of a living entity such as a plant, grasses, flowers or some living system. The nutrients contained in our formulas are delivered as concentrates from once living sources to provide ideal cellular DNA rejuvenation. This is simply not possible from old-style, isolated vitamins and minerals or synthetically produced agents that are often produced in a test tube. Our supplements are guaranteed free of pesticides, radiation, heavy metals and other toxic ingredients and excipients.

Another thing to be aware of is that most manufactured supplements are made on high speed encapsulation machines. That means that the manufacturers cannot afford for their machines to have “down time” for cleaning. As such, most, if not all, add excipients such as magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid or even talcum powder in order to prevent the machines from gumming up. These excipients then find their way into your supplements, creating immuno suppression and as these excipients are hydrogenated, they can cause clogging of the bile ducts.

We use 100% excipient free whole food supplements that are complete with all co-factors, synergists and transporters.


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